DVT programs designed for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Midwest Medical’s Facility Compression Device Program can provide your ASC or Outpatient Surgical Center with Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) and sleeves at little or no cost to your facility. Your local representative will stock and maintain inventory of SCD sleeves and coordinate repair of any compression units. Midwest Medical will bill the  patient’s insurance for the use of the equipment and will handle submission of insurance claims and follow all applicable billing guidelines.

Key Benefits: 
  • Increased clinical efficacy
  • Liability reduction
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Increased facility profit margin per patient
  • Elimination of DVT/Pneumatic Compression Inventory Management
  • Establishment of a risk assessment protocol
  • Increased levels of risk stratification
  • No fees for inventory management, product maintenance 

We can also provide your ASC with Mobile Compression Devices for full continuity of care from facility to home.
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We care about the environment. 

We offer a turnkey program for recycling used SCD sleeves to eliminate waste. Our program provides collection bins and shipping containers to be delivered to a green recycling facility. Contact us to learn more.