Midwest Medical provides Sequential Compression Devices (SCD) in the facility & home setting for the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE), which accounts for 2 million DVT’s each year in the U.S. yielding 300 thousand deaths. 

The staff at Midwest Medical is focused on the fact that actual lives are saved through increased use of our products.  Many physicians today prefer the safer approach of Mobile SCD + Aspirin for the great majority or routine risk category of patients for DVT Prevention and we are committed to education surrounding these best practices.

Currently, insurance coverage for our Mobile SCD for use in the home is lacking.  Our efforts in 2017 will be focused on changing this unfortunate truth with a goal for 100% coverage for our Mobile SCD products across all insurances.  This alone will have a tremendous positive impact on the grim statistics that can be significantly reduced through safe and sufficient consideration towards DVT Prevention.   

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Richard Parker, CEO 

Midwest Medical is a Medicare Supplier and accredited by the Joint Comisssion . If you have questions or concerns about the safety of our products or services, you can ​​​​ contact JCAHO. For Medicare Supplier Standards, click here